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Bus24x7 is a search tool created to help your bus journey plans. Here you find all european  bus companies and all bus routes, timetables and bus ticket prices.

If you want to travel by bus across european countries, states and cities, bus is a cheap and comfortable option to get at your desirable destination. Be aware that border-crossing routes may require passengers carry their passports or other legal documents, and foreigners have all appropriate visas.

Passengers can buy their bus tickets in different ways such as online, by phone and at points of sale, in a variety of payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards and cash.Each company has different payment policies, and it affects the way all customers make bus tickets purchase.

Most buses are equipped with air conditioning, WiFi, washroom facilities, reclining seats and comfortable legroom.


Bus24x7 helps you to choose and plan the best option for your bus trip. You will find all fares and schedules from the main bus companies in Europe.

To buy the bus tickets you want, the first step is to access Bus24x7 by filling up the two highlighted indicated boxes, the first with the location you will be leaving from and the second with location you want to go. 

You’ll get a list with all information about the chosen bus route with departure times, trip lenght, ticket price and bus companies ratings made by previous travellers. On top of that list, you’ll see the calendar button, through this button you can change the date of your bus trip and then view the results and travel information on planned date.

After selecting the best trip, you will get the full information about it. There you can be redirected to company’s website to purchase your ticket. There are many payment methods to buy your bus tickets and we will inform them below.

Online Purchase

The official bus companies websites sell online bus tickets, with a variety of payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards and PayPal. All prices are shown in Euro. Be aware of such cancellation and change policies.

Over Phone

It's not common for bus companies sell tickets by phone, so, passengers can only book their bus tickets at this channel.

After request a reservation, the traveller will pay only on the day of his trip, before boarding on the bus.

At Terminal

The most common way to buy bus tickets is going directly to the bus station or terminal. To buy a bus ticket directly at terminal, you can pay by credit cards, debit cards or cash.

Travelers can also buy tickets at associated travel agencies located on different sales points in many cities as well.


Europe bus companies has a new and modern fleet, which ensures comfort and safety for their passengers and employees in all kinds of trips.

Most of their buses have features like: luggage space, geo localisation, three-point safety belts, WiFi, toilets, reclining seats and electrical sockets.


There are many cities across Europe that does not exist a direct bus to connect each other. So make a travel between these destinations can be a little bit difficult, because you need find a city in middle of your origin and destiny.

Because of this, the Bus24x7's team made a solution to figure out this problem. When you are looking for a travel that does not exist a direct route, we will show you many options for the best way to make this trip.

Always remember that in case your trip is with connections, you’ll need to buy separated bus tickets for each part, because you will drop off from the bus and in most cases will change bus companies at the connection city.


Each bus company has a policy on discounts on bus tickets. Some companies offer a discount for family groups and babies, others like National Express have coachcards which give  promotional rates for seniors and child, for example.

Children, Disabled Persons and Senior Discounts

Most of companies offer 50% discount for babies under the age of 24 months, but it can vary, like First Group which allow children up to 5 years travel for free on their buses when they are accompanied by a paying adult.

Disabled people and people with reduced mobility can receive free assistance at the bus terminal and at the bus. But even this being usuals rules, there are some bus companies that allows caregivers of people with disability make the trip for free or with discount.

For seniors, the National Express bus company have a senior coachcard which passengers save ⅓ on the fares of bus tickets.


If the passenger has any problem before the trip, most of european bus companies allows some kind of changes like: refund if the client won’t travel anymore or schedule and date changes.

For this, you’ll need to notify the bus company about your transference or cancellation of your bus ticket with some days earlier. But remember, there are amendment and cancellation fees which vary according to the advance of the change request.

When you postpone your trip, the new ticket can be more expensive than the cost of the original, in this case, you’ll have to pay an amendment fee plus the difference between the two tickets costs. If the new reservation is cheaper than the original ticket, we recommend that you get a touch with the carrier that will make your trip and request more information abou this route.


Boarding on Bus

Is important arrive at the terminal one hour before your bus departure, so you can check your ticket without problems. Before the boarding procedure, you still will take a time with baggage dispatch length.

Baggage Size and Weight Limits

Each bus company has an own rule about carrying luggage, some of them allow the transport of one or two luggages weighing up to 20Kg each or 16Kg.

Passengers can take on board one hand luggage not exceeding 5Kg, this type of baggages may have sizes that can fit on their laps, overhead racks, compartment above seats and under the seat in front of them.

Pets on Bus

European bus companies does not allow the transport of animals in their buses. However, trained assistance dogs are allowed to travel with disabled passengers.

Traveling by Bus Abroad Europe Countries

 According European Union rules, who owns an european passport can travel across the countries that belongs an European Union. However, the entrance policy in European countries vary according to the countries of origin of passengers.

Therefore, passengers should get more information about their visas before travelling to a European country.


The Bus24x7 hopes that all yours doubts have been resolved; that way you can buy your bus tickets. We recommend you to buy your bus ticket in advance and find without problems the best seats and prices.

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